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How it all started.

The aging bikini top on my 1987 Suzuki Samurai needed replacing. I looked around and all I saw were the same old shiny vinyl tops everyone else had. The vinyl one I had flapped so hard on the freeway it was hard to hear the radio!

With a vintage sewing machine in my garage I started sewing. After selling a few on eBay, things really started taking off and Breeze-O-Top was born. With the combination of this website and eBay we now sell hundreds of tops a year.

                                                 The early days with my vintage sewing machine.

 There are a lot of great Suzuki Samurai resources out there and we thought we would share a few of our favorites.

Resources for Samurai Parts.
Petroworks - Great guys to work with!
Low Range Off Road - Always a good choice for parts.
Wheeler's Off Road - More than just parts.
Rocky Road Outfitters - Another pioneer in the off road world. 

Great bulletin boards and other links for advice and tips.

- A website dedicated to Suzuki Samurai owners and enthusiasts.

Zuwharrie - An awesome site for anything Samurai.
Zukiworld - "The world's only complete e-zine resource"
CB Radio Magazine - A CB radio wealth of information.


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